Tution Rates

Tuition Rates

During the school year, lessons are billed in "trimesters" of 11 lessons each.

During Fall, Winter and Spring, a weekly commitment to lessons is required. Summer lessons are more flexible.

Payment is due at the first lesson of each trimester.

(11-Lesson Terms)

30-minute lessons - $295

45-minute lessons - $425

60-minute lessons - $550

(These rates are valid as of the 2021-2022 school year)

Lesson Length Recommendations

  • For students using the "Suzuki Guitar School" books: As students reach advanced levels, more lesson time is recommended to maintain progress. These are not absolute rules, only general guidelines:

    • Beginner-Book 3 / Ages 3-9 = 30 minutes

    • Books 4-6 / Ages 10-14 = 45 Minutes

    • Books 7-9 / Ages 15 and up = 60 Minutes

  • For all other students, ideal lesson length can be determined between the teacher and student.