Studio Policies


  • I divide my year into 4 "Sessions" (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer). Tuition is due at the start of each session

  • For Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions, students must pay for all lessons in a session regardless of ability to attend. Sessions typically contain 10-11 lessons (approximately 3 months)

  • For Summer session, students may pick and choose the number of lessons taken.

  • Please make checks payable to Duluth Guitar Academy, LLC.

  • Digital payment via Zelle or Venmo is also available (Please note that Venmo payments are subject to additional charges).

  • Each Fall there is an additional “place holder/registration fee” ($45 as of the 2021-2022 school year). This fee is waived for new students and students who take at least 3 summer lessons.

  • Tuition rates are subject to change. Rates are usually adjusted at the start of a new school year.

  • Per-lesson rates for the 2022-2023 School Year:

    • 30 minute lesson - $31.75 ( $349.25 / session)

    • 45 minute lesson - $46.50 ( $511.50 / session)

    • 60 minute lesson - $60.00 ( $660 / session)

Lesson Length Recommendations:

  • For students using the "Suzuki Guitar School" books: As students reach advanced levels, more lesson time is recommended to maintain progress. These are not absolute rules, only general guidelines:

    • Beginner-Book 3 / Ages 3-9 = 30 minutes

    • Books 4-6 / Ages 10-14 = 45 Minutes

    • Books 7-9 / Ages 15 and up = 60 Minutes

  • For all other students, ideal lesson length can be determined between the teacher and student.


  • Regular attendance is essential! Please take care planning other activities to allow time for consistent practice and attendance.

  • Be on time. Ideally, arrive a few minutes early!

  • It is up to the student to make arrangements to attend as many of the scheduled lessons as possible. Payment for a term of lessons does not guarantee that all lessons will take place - only that the teacher will be available at the agreed upon lesson times.

  • In the event of a student cancellation for ANY reason, there is NO obligation on the teacher to provide a makeup. This includes illness and weather-related cancellations (see exceptions below).

    • If the student or anyone in their household is obviously ill and potentially contagious, they should stay home.

      • If the student feels up for it, they can have the option of doing the lesson online.

      • As per the general makeup policy, cancellations due to student illness are not guaranteed a makeup.

    • If ISD 709 (Duluth Public Schools) cancels school for inclement weather, lessons will be cancelled or online lessons will be offered. In this case a makeup/credit will be provided if necessary.

  • Students who know about absences well in advance are encouraged to organize a “swap” with another student for that week. Contact info and a schedule for other students will be provided.

  • In the event of a cancellation by the teacher for any reason, a makeup WILL be provided or a lesson “credit” applied to the next invoice.

Discontinuation of Lessons:

  • In the event a student chooses to leave the program early, lessons already paid for are NOT refunded.

  • It is normal to experience ”slumps” in enthusiasm and practicing as new interests and activities enter students’ lives, however it is also common for them to "bounce back" with even more passion and determination. Students and parents are encouraged to discuss any concerns with the teacher before making the final choice to discontinue lessons. An honest, open discussion involving teacher is preferred, as there may be changes in approach that can help.

  • Parents of older students should encourage them to speak with me directly about their concerns rather than going through the parent for their communication. This is especially true if that student is attending lessons on their own. If they are considered mature enough to attend lessons alone, they should be able to communicate their reasons for wanting to stop as well. I promise to listen respectfully and to give honest feedback.

Student Expectations:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

  • Be respectful: Play only when asked to, No “noodling” when the teacher is explaing/demonstrating.

  • For older students who may begin attending lessons on their own (middle school/high school):

    • If you don’t have a parent taking notes, you are the note-taker!

    • Make sure you thoroughly understand the practice points.

    • Get out your notes when you practice!

    • Practice/review/listen daily!

Group Class/Ensemble (Suzuki Students):

  • Students are expected to participate in a group class and/or a small ensemble.

  • Beginners are encouraged to come observe group class and will gradually begin participating as they learn the repertoire.

  • The structure and time of groups may vary each semester depending on the overall make-up of the studio (student ages, book levels, reading ability, etc.).

Recitals (Suzuki Students):

  • Students are expected to participate in regular recitals and other performances. You will be provided with a calendar highlighting important events. Please make note and plan accordingly!